A Legendary Catfish

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A Legendary Catfish

Postby Doctor_Dweeb on Mon Jun 27, 2011 3:58 am


Story by Doctor Dweeb
Art by Russkere

Kristine Thomas was enjoying the feel of the warm June sun on her skin as she swam at the old swimming hole. The twenty-three year old woman remembered all the fun memories of swimming here while she was growing up. It had been nearly a year since she had graduated from college and started working out of state. In fact it would only be a couple more days till it was a year. Personally she would have loved to stay somewhere close to home for work but the jobs were out of state, at least for people starting out but in a few years of experience she hoped to get a job somewhere close to here.

As for now Kristine had finally taken some vacation time to come back home and visit her parents and friends plus to visit her old stomping grounds. She had made certain to get home several days before graduation of the local high schools and universities. After all, what fun would it be to visit the old haunts of they were crawling with graduates. Like today, she had the swimming hole all to herself, at least for now since it was midmorning. She figured by afternoon kids would start showing up since that’s what it was like when she was going to school.

Swimming to the shore Kristine walked up to where her stuff was at to grab a drink of water. As she got up out of the water her dripping wet body was now visible. She was one sexy looking woman with hazel eyes who stood around 5’6”, weighed about 115 lbs, had a nice athletic toned body with a great set of legs and a nice ass. Her shoulder length bleach blond hair was sopping wet as was the yellow with black trim Body Glove bikini she was wearing. Being wet it definitely fit the definition of a body glove as the top formed perfectly around her 34A boobs with her high beams on full as they poked out through the material. While some might not have thought her boobs were that, even Kristine thought so at times, she had noticed over the last few years men would usually be looking at them, especially if she was wearing something sexy fitting, instead of at her while talking. Besides, she never had any trouble in attracting men especially good looking ones and getting dates. As a matter of fact she even got some propositions from some good looking women though Kristine didn’t swing that way. Still, it was a good ego boost for Kristine.

As she drank some of the water Kristine looked about the swimming hole and thought back about her various memories here. Of course swimming hole wasn’t really a proper term for this site since it was a good size lake. A river branched off and fed the lake which had formed many alcoves over decades. While most people swam in the lake it was these alcoves that kids had used as their swimming holes for as long back as anyone could remember. Kristine was parked at one of the main areas of the lake but one particular alcove that she spent a lot of time at while growing up was nearby.

Setting the bottle of water in her backpack she decided to swim over there which took her several minutes to do. When she got to it Kristine found a particular spot she always liked. It was at an edge of the alcove buttressed against the side of a small cliff. The water was about three feet deep there with worn sections in the side of the cliff leveled with the water. One could lean against the cliff with their arms in these spots and comfortably float there watching everything happening.

What they had liked about this one was there was a lot of overgrowth which hid it pretty well from view. That’s why it had been popular with kids, it had privacy. As she floated there Kristine’s mind wandered back to her high school days when her and her friends first started coming to this particular spot. They had done a fair amount of skinny-dipping there and it was in the wooded area by this spot that she had lost her virginity while in high school. Thinking back to this and the fooling around she had done in this area during high school got Kristine a bit excited. Without realizing it Kristine had moved her right hand down to between her legs and had lightly started to rub her pussy as she thought about this. It took her a few moments to realize she was doing this and she quickly stopped as her face blushed from embarrassment at having done this.

Continuing to float there Kristine decided to take her mind off of the sexual experiences she had out here and think about other things with the lake. She remembered all the times her dad had gone fishing there and the times she had gone fishing with him. It was a good fishing spot for catfish and people had pulled out some good sized ones over the decades from the lake. Of course there was always the legendary large catfish everyone was always trying to get. She remembered stories her dad had told her from when he was a kid out there with his dad fishing for it and how he, and others, were still trying to catch it. Sometime back many, many years ago someone had named it Khan. No one had actually ever seen Khan but any large splash and any one that got away after a terrific fight was always attributed to Khan. Kristine found herself chuckling at this since it wasn’t feasible for any catfish to actually live that long and if it had Khan would have to be quite large.

As she continued to think about the catfish Kristine remembered the fishing they had done for cookouts while they were out there swimming in high school. Now there was no denying that some of the guys she had hung out with and dated during high school were nuts. There was the one time they had been out there swimming and partying that they were going to cook catfish but had to catch some first. What the girls had found strange was that the guys hadn’t brought any fishing poles. Instead, the guys were going to catch the fish by noodling.

They would go and look under the water to find places catfish usually lived at. This was normally in holes or under brush in the lake. One of the guys would act as a spotter under the water while another of the guys would dive under the water, and stick his hand inside of the catfish hole. If the catfish was home and everything went according to plan the catfish would swim forward and latch onto the guy’s hand and part of his arm in a defensive measure in order to tray and escape from the hole. Then they would pull it up out of the water and thus they had dinner.

The guys were doing it that day and they managed to talk a couple of the girls into trying it. Kristine was among the ones that tried it and like all of the girls that did try it they only did it once. To be blunt they were being stereotyped girls and had thought it was icky and the inside of the fish felt weird and slimy on their arms. The feeling of it to Kristine was that it was almost like the catfish was trying to swallow her. Kristine, unlike the other girls she had a different reaction but still didn’t want to do it again. Instead of it feeling just icky and weird Kristine also found it strangely arousing and exciting. She was grateful she was in the water because her pussy got wet from it and being in the water hid that fact from the others.

It was confusing to Kristine why that had caused her to become sexually aroused and she found it wrong. It had been tempting for her to try it again that day and other times they came there but she didn’t. Over the years she pushed it to the back of her mind and very seldom thought about it but for the occasional dream. Being back here brought the memories back and Kristine again slid her right hand down to her pussy. She started to rub her pussy again and was moaning softly in pleasure.

“You’re doing it again!” Kristine thought to herself.

She stopped and looked around and listened to make certain there was no one else around. Satisfied that she was the only person around Kristine proceeded to strip out of her bikini laying it on the water next to her. She was now floating there nude revealing what a sexy body she had plus that her pussy was cleanly shaven. As she continued to float there against the wall of the cliff Kristine moved her right hand down to her pussy and went back to rubbing it. She moved her left hand to her right boob and started to grope and fondle it.

“Oh shit, that feels so good.” Kristine muttered as she continued to play with herself closing her eyes as she did so.

After getting her pussy nice and aroused from rubbing it for several minutes Kristine then slid her finger into her pussy and started to finger fuck herself! Kristine was now moaning rather loudly in pleasure as her body trembled. This caused ripples in the water leading away from her body which caught the attention of catfish swimming in the area. The barbels (the part of a catfish that looks like whiskers on their face which housed their taste buds and were used to hunt for food) detected Kristine’s movements and the scent of her sex in the water. The catfish detected the size of Kristine and moved away from the area, that is all but one.

As Kristine continued to finger fuck herself this one catfish started swimming towards Kristine its curiosity aroused by the scent in the water and the apparent size of Kristine. It swam by other fishes, including catfish, in the water ignoring them instead of trying to catch them as food. As it got close to her the catfish started to swim close by Kristine sizing her up being careful not to get in the shallow area, at least not yet. Its curiosity satisfied, the catfish swam towards Kristine’s feet and opened its mouth.

“FUCK!!! OH FUCK!!!” Kristine said loudly as she was bringing herself to orgasm opening her eyes briefly looking down towards her pussy.

Closing her eyes again Kristine continued to finger fuck herself but things started to click in her mind. Something felt funny with her feet and lower legs plus she thought she had seen something. Kristine continued to play with herself as she opened her eyes and looked down at her feet. The site that greeted her was a shock to Kristine, around her feet and lower legs was the mouth of a catfish, a very large catfish and it was gulping her down its mouth. It was already up to just under her knees now and it was the weird, slimy feeling on her legs just like on her arm when she did the noodling. Instead of panicking or freaking out Kristine just pounded more furiously at her pussy with her finger.

“OH YES, GOD YES!!!” Kristine shouted as she had her orgasm.


A look of total ecstasy was on her face as she continued fingering herself as the catfish continued to gulp her down. Never before during her life had Kristine ever felt a sexual experience this intense, exciting, arousing, and pleasurable. It never even occurred to her that she was being eaten alive by this catfish, the legendary giant one even though she was looking right at him as he continued to gulp her down. She didn’t notice how huge he was, easily at least 30 feet in length.

“Oh fuck yes! Shit, shit, SHIT!!!” Kristine continued to shout in pleasure as another orgasm hit even before the first one had passed.

Kristine had become so overcome by some primal, animalistic lust that she didn’t realize the danger she was in. The catfish on the other hand was quite pleased with how easy it was to swallow his prey. He had figured it would be a struggle to swallow it but this prey, other than some trembling, was going down without a fight.

Kristine’s hips disappeared into the catfish’s mouth with the next gulp. Now his mouth was just a few inches below her bellybutton but she was still able to madly finger her pussy even though it was now in his mouth. Kristine was making a bestial sound of pleasure as she now started to have multiple orgasms. The feeling of the catfish’s slimy inside against her bare skin was causing an unnatural pleasure as Kristine felt herself sliding further into the catfish. With a few more gulps the catfish had his mouth just below Kristine’s boobs which she was still groping and fondling with her left hand switching back and forth between both boobs.

“This feels so fucking great! Oh yes, eat me! EAT ME!!!” Kristine screamed at the catfish as her eyes rolled up into her head from the sheer pleasure she was experiencing.

With another gulp the catfish swallowed Kristine up past her boobs with only the top of her shoulders and head being outside of the catfish. Kristine was oblivious to what was about to happen to her next as the catfish gave a final big gulp and the rest of Kristine disappeared into the catfish’s mouth. As she felt her head enter his mouth Kristine closed her eyes to keep the slimy substance out of them as the slimy substance covered her entire body. The slimy substance against her skin was such an erotic feeling to Kristine especially on her boobs that she reveled in it.

Now that his prey was fully in the catfish pushed away from the shallow area and started to swim from the alcove into the lake proper leaving her bikini floating there. As he did so Kristine continued her slide into the catfish’s stomach all the while still playing with herself as her multiple orgasms continued. In a few more moments she had completely entered his stomach and being as large as he was Kristine was able to lie fully flat on her back in his stomach. Just as she entered his stomach Kristine’s orgasms finally began to fade and the exhaustion from them finally hit her. She lay there gasping for breath as she recovered her strength.

“Oh shit, that was fucking great!” Kristine muttered.

Now Kristine opened her eyes and was greeted by the pitch blackness of the inside of the catfish’s stomach. She could feel herself lying in a couple of inches of liquid in his stomach and it was causing a slight tingling sensation, almost like a burning feeling on her skin that was in the liquid. More of it was dripping off from above onto her front with each drop causing the same sensation where it landed and was ever so slowly filling his stomach with the liquid. It suddenly came to Kristine, this was his digestive juices!

“SHIT!!! WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO?!?!?!” Kristine shouted as she realized what had happened. “OH GOD, HE JUST DIDN’T EAT ME!!! I DIDN’T LET HIM EAT ME!!! GOD DAMN, NNNOOO!!!”

Kristine now fully realized what her lust had led her to do and that she was now doomed to being digested alive. Desperately she tried kicking about and punching the inside of the catfish’s stomach hoping she could escape but to no avail. This didn’t stop her from continuing to kick and punch along with screaming in horror and for help but it didn’t do any good. Then she realized how easily she could breathe in his stomach and wondered why she wasn’t passing out from lack of oxygen. Kristine didn’t realize that this type of catfish breathed through its skin and this was causing more than enough air to come into his stomach t keep her from blacking out and dying form lack of oxygen.

The catfish was use to his prey struggling in his stomach so he swam off to another alcove on the lake where his lair was. He’d hold up there as usual until his prey finally stopped struggling. Usually it wouldn’t take long, less than an hour for his prey to die but that was for fish and other catfish that he normally ate. He hadn’t had a meal this big for many years and knew it would take quite a bit longer, easily several hours before his prey would stop struggling and die.

As the catfish swam into his home alcove he did a partial jump up out of the water leaving quite a good splash with large ripples in the water. This caught the attention of several people in two boats on the lake. In one boat were two local fishermen who were working with the two men and woman in the other boat. This boat was from the state’s fish & wildlife department and they had been out surveying and tagging fish in the lake. The local fishermen were their guides and assisting in capturing the fish.

“Holy shit, that fish must have been huge!” one of the fish & wildlife employees said.

“Damn, that’s got to be Khan!” said one of the fishermen to the other.

The fish & wildlife members looked at the fishermen wondering what they were talking about. The fishermen quickly explained the legend of Khan and one of the fishermen told them he knew that alcove, it had a narrow entrance and wasn’t that deep there. They said the catch net the fish & wildlife staff had could easily be stretched across the entrance trapping it there after they brought their boats in trapping Khan. Everyone was quite excited by the prospect of finding a legendary large fish and documenting it. Of course the fish & wildlife employees if they caught it wanted to release it after they got their measurements and documentary proof. The fishermen really didn’t like that idea but were game as long as they could get pictures with Khan and get the credit for catching him. Of course all five of them knew there was no guarantee that they would catch him. If Kristine wanted any chance of rescue though, they would have to catch him.

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Re: A Legendary Catfish

Postby Doctor_Dweeb on Tue Jul 10, 2012 1:36 am

Now with art by Russkere.
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